Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Like Winston Churchill, "We shall go on to the end...  We shall never surrender."

On Tuesday night, this BBB contributor remained in attendance throughout the duration to witness the prolonged and unequivocal defeat of the Tampa Bay Rays at the hands of the New York Mets. Fandom is unique in that one's dedication to the cause can be proven by simply sitting and not doing very much for a long time.   People sometimes ask me how I got to be so hardcore.  They ask, “What factors contribute to your impudent resolve in the scowling face of certain defeat?  How might I embody the handsome and winning persistence of spirit that you embody?”  The answer, my friends, blows not in the wind, but in the HVAC arctic breezes above the press-level seats at Tropicana Field.  That answer is “doggednacity”, which is not a real word but should be.  Doggednacity is equal parts doggedness, tenacity, and nothing-better-to-do-on-a-Tuesday-night.

The official BBB photographer, who might benefit from vocational training at a local community college, snapped this photo as the last out loomed near and the score favored the Metropolitans of New York by a disgraceful margin.  I remained seated and ever vigilant for the alluring Hope and her seductive promise.  But as the center fielder caught the fly ball, I was greeted instead by Hope’s less appealing sister, Acceptance, and we left the stadium together, hand in hand.  But that’s OK.  I have another date with Hope tomorrow night and I will show her my doggednacity.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Potential Energy of B. J. Upton

B. J. Upton has appeared frequently on the official BBB color television screen during pre- and post-game interviews.  He really seems like a dear sweet man.  However, I would like you to consider this imaginary happenstance:  were you a man grievously aggrieved and were you within reach of a longish blunt object, say, not unlike a Genuine Louisville Slugger®, and were the man responsible for your aggrievance about to strut confidently and unsuspectingly around a corner behind which you had positioned yourself, wouldn’t your face appear exactly as B.J. Upton’s face appears while steadying himself to strike a baseball?  I think it would.

The watchful fan would be wise to remain alert because B. J. Upton sees a pitch he likes and he's about to wreck that motherf*@#*r.